Liquorice Tasting Helsinki

25. 8. 2017|

I found myself little bit by coincidence here. Did not expect much, but was welcomed with relaxing town full of lakes (which is actually a sea), forests, art deco architecture, free wifi, ducklings, daisies and good food.

Radishes with Dill-Buttermilk Dressing and Cheddar

8. 7. 2015|

Again, something to inspire you to love radishes. One fine day, I was walking through the market. There were beautiful radishes on display, and right next to them, bunches of fluffy dill.


14. 3. 2015|

I found myself in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood. It’s not the heart of Berlin, but it’s wonderful. The tree-lined alleys are sprinkled with the tables of quaint bistros and cafes, very much like the up-and-coming Karlín quarter in Prague.

Harvest in Tamsweg

14. 3. 2015|

Tamsweg in Salzburgerland, Austria, is a place with character. A village, or a town? It’s great in the winter for skiing, or in the summer for hiking and picking forest berries and mushrooms. When I arrived here September, the square was alive with the Bauernherbst festival, which celebrates the harvest season.

South Moravia

13. 3. 2015|

Summer was at its peak when my friend and I set out for our foodie tour of South Moravia (Czech Republic). Wineries, Sonnentor’s flagship herb and tea shop, traditional bakeries, and cellar restaurants.

Rice Milk with Cinnamon, Lemon Zest, and Basil

5. 3. 2015|

Prepare a drink with an incredible flavour within a few minutes using a couple of your pantry staples. I recommend serving it thoroughly chilled.

Food at the Summer Vienna Film Festival

2. 3. 2015|

The Filmfestival Wien is held every summer in front of the Vienna Town Hall, and the accompanying culinary programme is truly tempting.