A Striped Spring

25. 8. 2017|

While having here lunch I was more than satisfied. I loved the noble aristocratic ambiance paired so good with casual atmosphere. Where else would waiter ware a wide linen pants rolled up to mid-calf with striped shirt and trainers?

Rhubarb Strudel with Coconut

12. 6. 2015|

There’s never too much rhubarb, and that’s especially true in spring. The tartness of a rhubarb strudel will give you a gentle kick. It’s excellent sprinkled with sugar and topped with whipped cream.

Pink Roasted Rhubarb Compote with Greek Yoghurt

20. 5. 2015|

Rhubarb stands alongside radishes as the first fresh produce of spring.

Salsify With Bear Garlic

18. 5. 2015|

Salsify is a wonderful vegetable. One of the less known ones.

Buttered Quark Gnocchi with Bear Garlic

7. 5. 2015|

The bear garlic season is short, so I always look out for it hungrily, and cannot get enough of it once it becomes available.


10. 3. 2015|

Once again, it was a coincidence. Münster, a North-German town near the Dutch border, was brimming with the laid-back atmosphere of early spring.