Kaiser Rolls

21. 6. 2015|

I’ve baked bread, rolls, braided buns… and so it’s time to try some Kaiser rolls! You really have to plan these in advance, because they need to be leavened twice, but trust me, it’s worth it. Believe me that these are a whole different league from the depraved, bakery-chain Kaiser rolls you usually see in supermarkets.

Salzburg and Beyond

16. 3. 2015|

Yes, there’s a lot of salt here. And not just in Salzburg, but in the adjoining Salzburgerland as well. There are also beautiful landscapes, music, bicycle trails, freshwater fish, and Mozargkugeln!

Nesider Lake

14. 3. 2015|

The autumn was beautiful that year. Even warm enough to for a dip in the Nesider Lake. I came here primarily for the food, but I enjoyed the scenery just as much.

Harvest in Tamsweg

14. 3. 2015|

Tamsweg in Salzburgerland, Austria, is a place with character. A village, or a town? It’s great in the winter for skiing, or in the summer for hiking and picking forest berries and mushrooms. When I arrived here September, the square was alive with the Bauernherbst festival, which celebrates the harvest season.

Food at the Summer Vienna Film Festival

2. 3. 2015|

The Filmfestival Wien is held every summer in front of the Vienna Town Hall, and the accompanying culinary programme is truly tempting.