Unusual flavours. Unforgettable indulgence.

It’s my passion to concoct unusual combinations of marmalades, jams, butters, creams, pestos, soups… to fill them in jars and give them playful names. I experiment, invent, improve, and use a bit of magic to come up with something that stands out on the local market. I handpick every ingredient and personally buy, chop, stir, fill, label, and sell it. Every jar is an original and might not be the same as the next one. Just like every bottle of wine from the same cellar or every pumpkin from the same pumpkin patch have their own personality.

The difference that makes all the difference

One of the few on the Czech market, my preserves are made without the use of thickening agents (pectin or agar). And yet, they’re not runny, because I cook them long enough to evaporate the water from the fruit, which also contributes to a more concentrated flavour. This is a traditional method which has been forgotten in our fast-paced days. It requires more time, greater skills, and is therefore costlier. For comparison, imagine a pot full of fruit that you thicken with pectin. In a few minutes you have a thick preserve that you can fill into jars. When I do it my way, I need much more time for the water to evaporate. The result is that I have much less content at the end than at the beginning. Clearly, products prepared by such radically different methods can’t cost the same.
Where I use sugar, I use exclusively cane sugar. It contains more minerals and beneficial substances than beet sugar. It’s a little darker than beet sugar thanks to its molasses content. And why can’t I dispose of sugar altogether? Because it partially acts as a natural preservative.
You don’t need citric acid, nor any other kind of acid, to make a good jam. I use freshly squeezed lemon juice to add acidity to my preserves.
I might be a witch, but I’m not a cheat. Thanks to the abovementioned method of boiling down, the impossible becomes possible. Count with me. I place 3kg of pears into a pot, along with some sugar and lemon juice. I compare the initial amount of pears with the final amount of jam and I get, let’s say, 120%. But it looks weird like this. Nothing can be higher than 100%. So it’s better to express it in quantities. My labels tell you how much fruit was used (for example, 120g) to make 100g of jam.
I’m not a factory, and I don’t have four arms that could stir several pots simultaneously. I focus on one pot and one batch at a time. So that the flavour and the consistency are exactly right. That’s why you’ll find my jars in a handful of selected shops that are devoted to offering high-quality products.
Quality fruits and vegetables are essential for the quality of my products. I never use bruised or battered fruit that no one wants to eat or sell anymore. I never purchase vegetables on sale. I smell and I taste, I talk to farmers and fruit growers, and meticulously pick the most flavourful and fragrant pieces. I don’t content myself with simply buying pears or plums, but look for specific varieties. It goes without saying that my preserves are made exclusively from fresh fruits and vegetables, and never from frozen produce, albeit it’s a more common practice on the market. If, for some reason, I don’t manage to make plum preserves in autumn, there’s no way I’m going to make them in spring. Therefore, some jars may sell out before a new batch from a fresh harvest is ready.
I like to play. With ingredients and with words. I love making up names for my recipes and preserves. Every preserve is unique, and therefore deserves its very own adjective, expressing its character. Phenomenal, Dreamy, Fiery, Lustful… By the way, my Phenomenal Pumpkin Butter acquired its name from the first reactions of friends who tested it for me.
I searched far and wide to find a designer for my labels. And I found him. Lumír Kajnar, who, by the way, created the playful logo for Prague’s Ema Espresso Bar, is a perfectionist like me. Only instead of a cooking spoon he brandishes wicked graphic designer skills. He started by tasting, so that he would get to know my products. Then he pondered and brainstormed. And at last he designed labels that are a delight for me and my customers. “You take so much care making your preserves, pitting grapes and inventing playful names, it has to show on the label!” He commented the philosophy behind his work, which bears the mark of the child within him, as well.

The offer of jars varies depending on the season!

Customer Reactions

After the first dose of Caramel Pumpkin Butter my life isn’t as colourful without it as before. I was hoping to find you at Náplavka today, but in vain. When, oh when will you be at the market again, please? I’m looking forward to sampling and purchasing your other delicacies. I’ve never known anyone with such a refined talent for combining flavours, and I’m quite the foodie myself!
After putting the kids to bed, I wanted to take a quiet moment to try the Phenomenal Vanilla Pumpkin Butter. And I ate… all of it. With a spoon, in the dark, on the couch in the living room. Next time I have to buy 2 or 3, because there’s no point in buying just one. You get all riled up and then you hit bottom!
Alena Thomas, delamesitosami.cz
Jan Kraus, , Talk Show
Your pea pesto was absolutely delectable! Congratulations!
Tomáš Karpíšek, Ambiente restaurants
I was wondering what it was that I liked so much about the Fiery Lime Chilli. It’s the ambiguity of flavours, and the ensuing confusion in my brain.
Kryštof Valdman
After sampling, I have to confess that it wasn’t exactly what I expected… because your preserves surpassed all of my expectations by leaps and bounds!
Lenka, I’ve tried your preserves at the market, and then both my husband and I nearly passed out at the pleasure of your pumpkin batter and lard.
Jana Cíglerová, Journalist
Hmm. Today, I discovered the most insidious drug in the world. I’ve resisted cigarettes, I’m tied with alcohol, but I’m losing completely to Lenka Požárová’s Phenomenal Pumpkin Butter with Salted Caramel!
After sneaking into the fridge for the tenth time today for a spoonful of pumpkin butter, I decided to just eat the whole jar. And I didn’t leave anything for the kids! Now I’m sitting here, blissful, wondering whether it’s not better for the nerves than a bottle of prosecco.
Dear Lenka, the Phenomenal Pumpkin Butter is HEAVENLY. I’d love to create something with you…
Janko Martinkovič, Restaurant Koishi
Your preserves are fantastic! When you make something new, will you let me know? My sister lives in Prague and she could buy it for me.
Mišo Malicher