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Whether it’s about a recipe, writing, photographs, travels, or something entirely different, I enjoy your messages and appreciate your feedback. However, as some questions keep popping up more than others, please consult the FAQ section below before you write. You might just find the answer there, which means you won’t have to write me and wait for my response!


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In my opinion, how you look at things is often more important than what you look at them through. I started with a compact camera that I would usurp during holidays, but outgrew it very soon. In the Canon family, I’ve tried 350D, 450D, and used the 7D with the EF-S 60mm micro lens for a long time. The sound of the Nikon shutter is music to my ears, which is why I now use the Nikon D810 with the 105 mm micro lens. When I travel, I carry a 24-120mm zoom Nikkor lens (formerly Tamron 24-200mm). I only take pictures in natural daylight, and always use a tripod to photograph food. I never use polishes or colourings when styling food. Whatever I photograph, I consequently devour, often with the help of friends. I use my own tableware and cutlery and you can sometimes see me browsing through antique shops and bazaars, searching for additions to my arsenal.
I’m sorry about that! Whilst I do take the utmost care when writing recipes, a mistake can still occur. Nevertheless, the recipe itself is not always at fault. Inconsistent results are often caused by replaced ingredients, particular ovens, or simply (no offence meant here) different hands. Unfortunately, when I can’t see what’s been added to what and when, I can’t give much advice. But you don’t have to follow my recipes to the letter, instead, use them as inspiration to get you to new culinary heights.
I write about things that I discover myself and that I find interesting, and won’t accept free products for the sole purpose of writing about them. That said, you’re welcome to alert me to novelties on the market and to send me products to try out, with no obligations on my part.
Because some of my products need to be chilled, delivery by mail is not a viable option. I am really sorry.
While I’m flattered that you want to get to know me, be advised that I’ve had my share of unusual proposals and will not attend meetings with a hidden agenda – whether it’s to offer me a product, a service, or membership in a dubious club. I appreciate that you feel a connection with me, but I also don’t have the capacity to meet everyone in person. You should also be aware that I’m very picky when it comes to food, so you’ll have to give me a mighty good reason to meet with you!
You want to visit some of my favourite places, that are typical for Prague yet aren’t tourist traps? I have a very high standard when it comes to quality and I like places with a soul. Be it a family-owned ice cream shop, a butchery paired with a bistro whose owner serves his own customers and knows them by name, a pub where time has definitely stopped or a trendy café serving specialty coffee. If I’m not travelling, you can join me for a bite of duck with sauerkraut and dumplings or beef tenderloin in creamy sauce with cranberries (naturally complemented by a beer), the irreplaceable tlačenka (best described as pressed sausage) with a garnish of onions, or a choice of traditional Czech desserts such as frgály (big, round, flat, leavened pies topped with a layer of quark or plum preserve), větrníky (a humongous choux pastry filled with caramel cream), and much, much more. If I am in Prague not travelling I can give you a tour.

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All the texts, recipes, and photographs on this website are my own. They are therefore my property, or that of Zapálená kuchařka, s.r.o. If you want to use any of them for non-profit purposes, please ask for my written approval BEFOREHAND, and make sure to include the source in your final work. It is forbidden to in any way crop, retouch, or change the photographs. Breaching these rules is tantamount to breaching the author’s rights. A simple link to my blog does not require prior approval. If you would like to use my recipes, photographs, or text for business purposes, please contact me directly.

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The contents of this website stem from my own knowledge, experience, and taste, and are therefore subjective. I can’t guarantee that some of my opinions won’t evolve over time, just like my tastes. Comments are welcome, however, rudeness will not be tolerated. It is possible that some entries may be edited or deleted over time.

Because my English isn’t perfect, I’ve solicited a good friend to translate my website in the beginning. Julie (with whom we share a love of food, travel and writing, as well as a sense of humour) made sure that nothing is lost in translation. After living more than a year in London I found more confident and thought that writing in English by myself even with mistakes is more important then being perfectionist.