Where I eat and drink

Perníčkův sen (Gingerbread Dream)

25. 7. 2015|

​​​​I actually discovered them by accident at the farmers’ market in Náplavka. These gingerbread cookies weren’t kitschy, and weren’t heart-shaped like all the other gingerbread cookies out there. ​

Café Savoy

16. 6. 2015|

Whether I’m here for a business meeting, breakfast with a friend, or accompanying visitors from abroad, this place is always a sure bet. In terms of cuisine, service, and ambiance.

La Bohème Café

11. 5. 2015|

It’s a place you’ll want to come back to time and again. Not only because of the excellent coffee, which is roasted in-house, but also for the interior.

Café Imperial

20. 4. 2015|

They certainly know their food here. As they should, since Zdeněk Pohlreich is the chef. They’re best known for their French onion soup, beef cheeks in red wine sauce, or lamb knee with marjoram served on a bed of spinach. And that’s what I’ve tried here.


10. 4. 2015|

Prague’s number one ice-cream joint didn’t become what it is overnight. It took time, patience with conservative locals accustomed to strawberry and vanilla flavours, and most of all the maintenance of a high quality standard. They make their ice-cream using farm milk delivered by the farmer in person.


10. 4. 2015|

A small winery in the Karlín district, specializing in wines from “autentists”, i.e. wine-makers who make wines without using chemicals

U Tunelu (At the Tunnel)

10. 3. 2015|

I walk in, and I feel like a time traveller. The two types sitting inside look like they’re part of the decor, the guy manning the spigot occasionally throws a few logs into the vintage stove, which is the altar of this high-ceilinged space flooded in afternoon sunlight. First Republic interior decoration, cutlery, and even the music.

Maso a kobliha (Meat and Berliner)

10. 3. 2015|

A bistro adjoining the Sansho restaurant, both of which belong to the same English owner, chef and butcher Paul Day. A pleasant interior with mostly bar seating, and excellent food.

Můj šálek kávy (My Cup of Coffee)

5. 3. 2015|

What can I say about “my cup”? Only the best. And not just because the people who manage it and work there are my friends, or because it played an important part in my journey to coffee enlightenment.

Ema espresso bar

2. 2. 2015|

It was love at first sight. An airy, light café inspired by the style of Berlin cafés and the first of its kind in Prague. One large table surrounded by school chairs. A spell-book displayed on the shelves, a large blackboard with the drinks menu, and that logo!