Liquorice Tasting Helsinki

25. 8. 2017|

I found myself little bit by coincidence here. Did not expect much, but was welcomed with relaxing town full of lakes (which is actually a sea), forests, art deco architecture, free wifi, ducklings, daisies and good food.

Here am I cooking!

25. 8. 2017|

I came to few kitchens in London on an internship. Either before or after I start my other paid work on the floor somewhere else.

A Striped Spring

25. 8. 2017|

While having here lunch I was more than satisfied. I loved the noble aristocratic ambiance paired so good with casual atmosphere. Where else would waiter ware a wide linen pants rolled up to mid-calf with striped shirt and trainers?

My Scottish Christmas

25. 8. 2017|

I left London with hoarseness unable to talk so I cured myself in Edinburgh thoroughly with plenty of mulled cider. I think it circulated in my veins long time after I came back.

Up to the Land’s End in Cornwall

25. 8. 2017|

Long time ago when I spotted a sand beach in a magazine, I could not believe it’s possible in England. Well it is and it was worth to wait a bit.

The best market in London

25. 8. 2017|

It might be my most favourite market around London. Maltby market (also called Ropewalk) is open only weekends, but I always try to come on Saturdays when also other stands in the Spa Terminus are open.

One year in London

25. 8. 2017|

I put my suitcase on the floor, shake off raindrops from my trench coat and gaze from the window to a busy four lane road. I somehow start to feel slightly unsure about my idea to try to move here. To live in London.

Whistable Seaside

4. 4. 2016|

The combination of good weather, a holiday, and a day that is called Good Friday. In other words, a trip to the seaside.

To the Kingdom! A Brief Spell in Canterbury

31. 3. 2016|

The Goods Shed is an old brick building that used to be a railway warehouse. It has beautiful Victorian windows with small panes, wooden beams under the roof, and is stocked with food.

Tromsø. Christmas Beyond the Arctic Circle

25. 12. 2015|

A few days before my journey I get a message from my landlady with instructions on where to find the keys and the snow shovel. And where there are whales nearby.