Up to the Vulcano with Crampons and Ice Ax!

25. 8. 2017|

I thought, after hiking in Patagonia I will relax in lake district in Chille. But what to do when there it is an active vulcano which you can climb? Well if you are lucky with weather.

How I did (not) Find a Paradise

25. 8. 2017|

Ushuaia (Argentina) is the southernmost city on the Earth. I went by bus the whole Land of Fire (Tiera del Fuego) to realise it is a casino here, crowds of tourists and souvenir shops stuffed with penguin-like toys.

Swept by wind. In Patagonia.

25. 8. 2017|

Not sure about the time I was blown away by pictures of mountains in Patagonia. A land starched across Chile and Argentia in the southernmost part of South America.

Over-sweetened Buenos Aires

25. 8. 2017|

Prague-Amsterdam-Madrid-Montevideo-Buenos Aires. That stood on my flight ticket and apparently before I could dance a tango I will sweat a lot on transferring flights.


14. 3. 2015|

At first, it was a journey smelling of coffee, faraway lands, and adventure. Then, perhaps, it was love. Then, definitely, it was a book.

El Salvador

5. 3. 2015|

I was supposed to be going to Cuba, but I ended up here. In the capital San Salvador, I was welcomed with barbed wire and street patrols with machine guns. The countryside was more relaxed.

New York, New York

4. 3. 2015|

Humming Fran Sinatra’s song, I boarded the plane in Prague on Christmas Eve. A friend of mine told me I could look forward to a festive in-flight meal. The result?