Cold Cherry Soup with Red Wine

13. 7. 2015|

Back when Prague didn’t have one single soup bistro, I really wanted to open one of my own. They had them everywhere else! (I mean in other countries.) Soups hit the spot for me. They’re a quick fix (at least when it comes to consuming them), warming in the winter, refreshing in the summer, and help you stock up on liquids. You can play around with different combinations and adapt them to seasonal produce.

Mild Carrot Soup with Saffron, Kaffir Leaves and Coconut Milk

25. 6. 2015|

After returning from Morocco, I was wondering about what kind of soup to make. There were a lot of young carrots everywhere, and a can of coconut milk was gathering dust in my pantry. And so carrot soup it was.

Cream Of Spinach With Cilantro

17. 5. 2015|

Simple as spring. I add potatoes so that the cream would have a silky smooth consistency, because you won’t achieve that with spinach alone.