6. 5. 2020|

Myslela jsem si, že nejsem na majetku závislá, ale přece jen mám pár pokladů, se kterými nebude lehké se loučit. Jsou ukryté v kuchyni.


14. 7. 2015|

I never thought I was attached to material possessions, but I do have a few treasures that are going to be difficult to part with due to my upcoming journey. And where do I keep these treasures? Why, in the kitchen, of course!

Ingredients I Can(not) Live Without

12. 3. 2015|

Sometimes, when I come to someone’s house, I marvel at the tiny kitchen cupboards and wonder where my hosts put all the stocks, WHICH THEY MUST SURELY HAVE AT HOME, RIGHT? But everyone’s different.

Edible Films. My Favourites.

12. 3. 2015|

I love stories, especially those that involve food. I delight in nesting in my couch and letting myself be absorbed by the narrative. To experience the most intimate feelings along with the main characters.

Inheriting Sandtner

12. 3. 2015|

From my great-grandmother to my grandmother. From my grandmother to my dad. From my dad to me.

Autumn in the Orchard

10. 3. 2015|


10. 3. 2015|

I have a particular taste for spaces. I like details. I love minimalism and vintage. I love places that their owners have poured their heart and soul into.