La Bohème Café

11. 5. 2015|

It’s a place you’ll want to come back to time and again. Not only because of the excellent coffee, which is roasted in-house, but also for the interior.

My Kitchen Gadgets

12. 3. 2015|

Alright, so it’s a perversion. I like to buy things that not only function well, but look the part, too. I remember once deciding to buy a kitchen mixer that would manage all the functions of various nut grinders, meat mincers, and poppy mills.


11. 3. 2015|

I first tried chocolate pralines from Parisian chocolatier Patrick Roger a few years ago, and it was an unforgettable experience for two reasons. The taste! The packaging!

Ambiente 2013, or How to Go Crazy with Happiness

10. 3. 2015|

Every year, the Ambiente fair takes place in Frankfurt, accessible first for the professional public, and then to all other mortals. It didn’t leave me cold. The fair features everything you need (and don’t need) in the kitchen and home. It’s all about ideas, novelties, and design.


10. 3. 2015|

I have a particular taste for spaces. I like details. I love minimalism and vintage. I love places that their owners have poured their heart and soul into.

Swiss Perfection

2. 3. 2015|

I’ve had my eye on Bamix for a while. Apart from it being the first immersion mixer in history, I was intrigued by its extraordinary practical properties (quieter and more powerful thanks to its unique motor), but not so much by its exterior. Which is something I like to combine in the kitchen.