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6. 5. 2020|

Myslela jsem si, že nejsem na majetku závislá, ale přece jen mám pár pokladů, se kterými nebude lehké se loučit. Jsou ukryté v kuchyni.

Café Savoy

16. 6. 2015|

Whether I’m here for a business meeting, breakfast with a friend, or accompanying visitors from abroad, this place is always a sure bet. In terms of cuisine, service, and ambiance.

Magical Morocco

14. 6. 2015|

Few countries have done what Morocco has to me. It claimed all of my attention. It slowed down my wild rhythm. I drank in the landscapes, the oriental architecture, and the food.

Rhubarb Strudel with Coconut

12. 6. 2015|

There’s never too much rhubarb, and that’s especially true in spring. The tartness of a rhubarb strudel will give you a gentle kick. It’s excellent sprinkled with sugar and topped with whipped cream.

Fennel and Radish Salad with Oranges and Orange Blossom Water

10. 6. 2015|

While preparing for my trip to Morocco, I researched Moroccan cuisine. I was already aware that it features amazing combinations spiked with interesting flavours, but when I came across a salad with orange blossom water, I immediately had to dash out for some fennel.

Elderflower and Cinnamon Lemonade

8. 6. 2015|

Judging by the ample photos on social networks, I’m guessing that every household has a ration of at least 5 litres of elderflower lemonade or syrup this year.

Pink Roasted Rhubarb Compote with Greek Yoghurt

20. 5. 2015|

Rhubarb stands alongside radishes as the first fresh produce of spring.

Salsify With Bear Garlic

18. 5. 2015|

Salsify is a wonderful vegetable. One of the less known ones.

Cream Of Spinach With Cilantro

17. 5. 2015|

Simple as spring. I add potatoes so that the cream would have a silky smooth consistency, because you won’t achieve that with spinach alone.

Granola with Coconut Oil and Dried Raspberries

17. 5. 2015|

Granola gave me strength on my first big crazy trip with my sister. With our Interrail tickets, a longing to discover the world after the fall of the Iron Curtain, and with our backpacks full of durable foods, we ventured out into the world.