Long time ago when I spotted a sand beach in a magazine, I could not believe it’s possible in England. Well it is and it was worth to wait a bit. I hit the road in the beginning of September. I slept in 8-bedroom hostel, which used to be a castle. I got lost in the rain, I found myself again, dried up and hiked alongside the coast wearing heavy backpack. Next time I will be more clever, as the bus system works so well you can return to one place without any need to continue your journey with all your stuff.

Land’s End is a tourist trap but there are some nice viewpoints if you avoid the crowds. In Marazion when the sea is in outflow you can walk even barefoot across the cobbled causeway to the castle St. Michael which is brother of St. Michelle across the Channel in France. I’v done it from Penzance to St. Ives, little town stuffed by art and good food. Don’t miss eating out in Tearoom, the best flaky Cornish pasties in St. Ives bakery and the delicious Moomaid ice cream.