Not sure about the time I was blown away by pictures of mountains in Patagonia. A land starched across Chile and Argentia in the southernmost part of South America. A place where 15 million sheep live but only a fraction of inhabitants. The rainiest place on the Earth. Determined by proximity of Andes, Ocean and Antarctica. With breath taking mountains, lakes and steppe.

I inhaled very first Patagonian air in el Calafate. I was lucky as on the spot where small stones can fly dangerously as bullets thrown by the wind it was just calm. I hiked here for three weeks. The biggest failure on it’s beauty were the crowds of tourists, even when I went there after the main season, in March. To my list of most favourite places belong El Chaltén (Argentina), glacier Perito Moreno (Argentina), or Puerto Natales (Chile). If you are looking forward to hike through the national park Torres del Paine (Chile), expect to walk in a row as it gets very busy.