I left London with hoarseness unable to talk so I cured myself in Edinburgh thoroughly with plenty of mulled cider. I think it circulated in my veins long time after I came back. What a beautiful city built by blocks of stones, where it’s most of the time raining and where the strong wind breaks umbrellas and sticks your raincoat funnily-dangerously on your open mouth. And yes, you will have your mouth wide open often. I could not miss the hike on the Arthur’s Seat, a hill next to the city where you can admire magnificent view on the sea. I enjoyed Haggis, neeps and tatties a lot, local speciality made from lamb intestines. While walking though the city don’t miss small café in a narrow alley Forsyth’s Tearoom, where you need to try the local Oatie, which consist of two oat cookies glued with coffee flavoured cream. In the evening stroll the historic Grassmarket and choose one of your dinner places.