Prague-Amsterdam-Madrid-Montevideo-Buenos Aires. That stood on my flight ticket and apparently before I could dance a tango I will sweat a lot on transferring flights. No change in my pocket, just credit card. Which after few minutes after lending in Buenos Aires seemed more or less useless as the only ATM machine on the airport was out of cash. No bank within few kilometre radius. With a help of information officer who paid the bus ticket for me I could find myself in the centre of Buenos Aires standing a line to a ATM machine in a bank. After many hopeless tries and again help of local man I figgered out the maximum limit and the from-other-planet-fee, took my cash and finally could buy bottle of water.

And then I could head through the city full of pizzas, giant steaks and dulce de leche. A thick cream made from milk and sugar into a caramel. They put it into croissants, icecream and cakes. And I couldn’t have enough of it. You need to try the ice cream in Heladeria Cadore, the steak in Don Julio Parilla and pizzas as there is huge Italian population here. Furthermore you need to visit Cementerio dela Recoleta, dance tango (at least in the kitchen as I did), visit Plazza Dorrego and the most beautiful bookstore  El Ateneo Grand Splendid which used to be a former theatre!