I put my suitcase on the floor, shake off raindrops from my trench coat and gaze from the window to a busy four lane road. I somehow start to feel slightly unsure about my idea to try to move here. To live in London.

First months are about finding place to live, trying to hit the right corridor in the tube and focusing on work. I was lucky to start as a waitress in the iconic River Café, where I met many famous actors, musicians, politics and billionaires but also some arrogant guests. Later on, when I don’t only work but have time to explore the city, I realize I feel suddenly confident. London is my home now. The city is full of inspiration and I love it.

Even when I lived here just for one year, I got it under my skin. I will miss chilled IPA or cider after my shift. The cheddar from the farm, proper G&T, bright red double-deckers and the driver’s shouting The door is closing, mind the door please, mind the door!