I found myself little bit by coincidence here. Did not expect much, but was welcomed with relaxing town full of lakes (which is actually a sea), forests, art deco architecture, free wifi, ducklings, daisies and good food. The last mentioned shocked me by sticking on roots and traditions while combining with latest trends. Porridge made from wholegrain rye baked in oven overnight served with blueberries jam. Salmon smoked on elderflower wood. Confit egg yolk with buckwheat. Horse carpaccio with rhubarb. Curd pie with cardamom and liquorice. Dessert which main part consists from cucumber? All possible here! And so so tasty! No wonder I felt in love with this charming city. Head to places like Roster, Juuri, Olo, Ateljé Finne or pub Villi Wäinö, – here you have to try the salmiakki shot full of chilled black content consisting from vodka, liquorice and salt. Well, you need to expect liquorice everywhere here.