I never thought I was attached to material possessions, but I do have a few treasures that are going to be difficult to part with due to my upcoming journey. And where do I keep these treasures? Why, in the kitchen, of course!

Don’t expect any fancy gadgets. They’re little things, but they have a soul. All kinds of glasses, cutlery, plates and chipped pots from the flea market, hand-painted bowls from the bazaar in Istanbul, old preserving jars where I keep dried flowers for my herbal teas, a copper container for cinnamon sticks, ancient cookie cutters, curvy spoons, a Filakovo poppy mill, an enamelled Bundt cake baking tray of such a deep azure it makes your head spin, or an exquisite French stove with an emerald coating that I call Manon.

Before I packed them all into boxes and put them to their long sleep, I had to capture them one more time.