Again, something to inspire you to love radishes. One fine day, I was walking through the market. There were beautiful radishes on display, and right next to them, bunches of fluffy dill. Alright then, I’ll take both. And I’ll try them together! Then a friend told me that her father loves radishes with dill and buttermilk, and my eyes lit up. And in case you were wondering why it’s there, the cheddar makes it more filling and more colourful.


Radishes with Dill-Buttermilk Dressing and Cheddar


Serves 2
Preparation 10 min.

300g radishes (1 bunch)
50g sharp cheddar
6tbsp chopped dill
6tbsp buttermilk
2 garlick cloves


Wash radishes and cut the ends away. Slice them very fine (a mandolin could be useful).

Grate cheddar cheese.

Chop dill and mix with smashed garlic, buttermilk and little bit  salt in a bowl.

Mix radishes with cheese and pour the dill buttermilk dressing over. Enjoy.