While preparing for my trip to Morocco, I researched Moroccan cuisine. I was already aware that it features amazing combinations spiked with interesting flavours, but when I came across a salad with orange blossom water, I immediately had to dash out for some fennel.

This salad is simple, refreshing, and the orange blossom water is quite subdued. It doesn’t overpower the salad, but rather zests it nicely. The resulting taste reminded me of a strongly aromatic chestnut honey. I did use honey in place of sugar. That said, the salad isn’t sweet, the sweetener only balances out the tartness of the oranges. I also slightly altered the preparation, which required the salad to sit for at least half an hour, and at best for one day. Uh-uh. In my book, a salad is best served fresh and crunchy, not wilted. I couldn’t resist sprinkling mine with some crushed pistachios. If it’s a jewel, then let it shine!

Fennel and Radish Salad with Oranges and Orange Blossom Water


Serves 2
Preparation 15 minut

1 fennel bulb
2 oranges
1 bunch radishes
1 tsp orange blossom water (can be purchased in shops with Middle Eastern goods, such as Farah or Chez Amis in Prague)
1 tsp honney
a handful peeled pistachios to garnish


Slice the radishes and the fennel into very, very thin slices. I use a mandoline to do this, i.e. a special grater with a very sharp blade. Just watch out for your fingers!

Peel the oranges down to the pulp (removing the white pith) and cut out the sections.

In a bowl, combine the orange blossom water with honey and add everything to the salad.

Serve sprinkled with crushed pistachios, if desired.