Salsify is a wonderful vegetable. One of the less known ones. It has a mild taste, and I love it just boiled and served with a knob of butter. It’s excellent as a side dish, but also works well in salads or as a main course.

At long last you can buy it in the Czech Republic, although only in supermarkets for the time being. Pick firm pieces. It’s often coated in soil, which you need to peel off along with the skin. The stems are slightly sticky, but don’t worry, they won’t be after cooking. Scrub them thoroughly, cook them, and devour them.

Salsify With Bear Garlic


Serves 2
Preparation 25 min.

500g fresh salsify (thicker pieces, preferably)
25g bear garlic
20g parmesan
20g sliced almonds
virgin olive oil


Černý kořen důkladně oloupejte a omyjte. Nakrájejte ho na kousky asi 1,5 cm dlouhé, dejte do hrnce, zalijte vodou, osolte a povařte 15-20 minut doměkka. Doba varu závisí na síle kořenu. Podobně jako u chřestu.

Mezitím si operte a v utěrce osušte listy medvědího česneku. Ty je dobré mít bez tužších stopek. Listy pokrájejte a máte-li sekací nádobu k tyčovému mixéru, nasekejte je se 2 lžícemi olivového oleje. Jinak nožem najemno na prkýnku.

Thoroughly peel and wash the salsify. Slice it into pieces about 1.5cm thick, place in a pot, cover with water, season with salt, and cook for 15-20 minutes, until soft. The cooking time depends on the thickness of the vegetable. Just like with asparagus.
Meanwhile, wash and dry the bear garlic. It’s better to remove any thick stems. Chop the leaves and, if you have a chopper, run them through it with 2 tbsp olive oil. Otherwise, using a knife is fine.
Toast the sliced almonds on a dry pan until golden. As soon as they’re ready, transfer them into a bowl, or they could burn in the hot pan.

Drain the cooked salsify and toss with the bear garlic. Season with salt, distribute onto plates or bowls, and serve sprinkled with parmesan and toasted almonds.

This works as a side dish, a warm salad, or as a main dish in a slightly bigger quantity.