It’s a place you’ll want to come back to time and again. Not only because of the excellent coffee, which is roasted in-house, but also for the interior. An airy space with high ceilings and large windows looking out into the courtyard. Each nook looks a little different. You can perch on modern chairs or lounge in a massive armchair. You’ll find old books on shelves stacked with tea. Violins hang from the ceiling and everything looks enchanting, even though it’s not my preferred minimalistic style.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know any other place in Prague with an equally wide choice of coffee beverages and Harney & Sons teas. On a hot summer day, I’ll cool down with an iced coffee with almond milk, in the winter I’ll warm up with a matcha cappuccino or buckwheat tea (again, with almond milk). The coffees, packaged attractively, can also be purchased, just like the tea. By the way, the American owner, Charles, who’s been living in Prague for years now, travels around the world and sources specialty coffee directly from the farmers.

And my favourite part? When Marie, the barista whom I couldn’t stop capturing with my camera, made me a Coffee Cognac. Rum, infused with cascara (dried coffee cherry husks), with blackcurrant syrup and coffee, served in a large, bulbous glass, is a drink that’s almost sacred. Nothing in it overpowers the rest, and everything blends into one delectable whole. You can also have a summer refresher in the form of an espresso with tonic and lemon. Although cappuccino is my coffee of choice, and I used to be adamant about drinking coffee with milk, their filtered Ethiopian Biru Bekele is perfect without milk. For nibbles, they have sweet treats, and may expand the offer with time. It’s truly one of my favourite places in Prague.

La Bohéme Café, Sázavská 32, Praha