As a child, I used to get them in a little bowl. Sure, they looked nice, but I only ate them because I wouldn’t get anything else if I didn’t. Only much later did I start using them to make raita, which was a huge improvement.

And then, a couple of years ago, I noted that someone had turned radish greens into pesto. Ha! I had to try it, too! Some radishes have lovely greens that unnecessarily end up in the compost bin. The resulting pesto tastes lovely and is a much brighter green than basil pesto. It has a little bite, as the leaves evidently share some of the properties of the roots.

I improved the pesto based on my preferences (adding hazelnut oil and lemon zest and leaving out the parmesan). And then I went even further: how about radish green pesto on radishes themselves? I mean, when I have the one, I have the other as well!

Served this way, I don’t just empty my own plate of radishes, but have the tendency to pick off of other people’s. Moreover, it looks so pretty I wouldn’t hesitate to serve it at a feast.

Tip no. 1: Use only fresh radish greens that aren’t wilted or rotting. I recommend picking a nice bunch from the farmers’ market.
Tip no. 2: Try and pick radishes whose greens aren’t prickly. This will make the pesto smoother.
Tip no. 3: If hazelnut oil isn’t a staple in your pantry, it’s perfectly alright to use olive oil, or any other kind of virgin oil with an interesting flavour.

Pestro from Radishes Leaves


serves 2
Preparation 10 min.

1 bunch radishes with nice, fresh leaves
30-40 g toasted hazelnuts
¼ tsp lemon zest (from an organic lemon)
2-3 tbsp hazelnut oil
1 garlic clove


Lístky z ředkviček odřízněte, přeberte a odstraňte dlouhé stopky. Lístky properte a osušte (používám sušičku na salát, ale můžete jemně osušit v utěrce).

každý svazek ředviček může mít různě velké listy. Já jsem si ty své zvážila a použila stejné množství lískových oříšků. Netřeba nic vážit, když máte dobrý odhad.

Cut the greens off the radishes, removing any thick stems. Wash them thoroughly and dry them (I used a salad spinner, but a kitchen or paper towel will do as well).
Every bunch of radishes can have different sized leaves. I weighed mine and used the same amount of roasted hazelnuts. If you’ve got a good eye, you can dispense with the weighing.
Place the radish greens, garlic, hazelnuts, and a pinch of salt in a small chopper and chop until smooth. Scrape the mixture into a bowl and add the hazelnut oil. Be careful not to add too much so as to not make the pesto too runny.

Wash and dry the radishes. Cut them into quarters or eights, depending on how big they are. Serve mixed with the pesto, and eat with a fork.

Tip: Don’t let either the pesto or the whole dish sit for too long (several hours). This one’s best eaten fresh.