Prague’s number one ice-cream joint didn’t become what it is overnight. It took time, patience with conservative locals accustomed to strawberry and vanilla flavours, and most of all the maintenance of a high quality standard. They make their ice-cream using farm milk delivered by the farmer in person. You won’t find any stabilisers or flavour-enhancers here, but you will find the famous pistachio cream from Sicilian pistachios or the best hazelnuts from Piemont. Apart from its regular flavours, Angelato is famous for its ever-changing flavours of the month, where they let their imagination take flight. They’re demanding people with a fine palate, which is a combination after my own heart. This means they’re not afraid to make avocado, parmesan, asparagus, rhubarb, rice, fennel, or sage ice-cream.

They pick their own blossoms for elderflower and lavender ice-cream. They look for real Ceylon cinnamon and for farmers to deliver their pumpkins. The enthusiastic soul of Angelato is made up of a Serbian-Macedonian trio: Biljana, Zlatko, and Bojan.

It’s no coincidence that my last book, Coffee Man, Cinnamon Girl: The Cookbook (available only in Czech for now) was christened here. On this occasion, we personally prepared three unusual ice-cream flavours for the customers, inspired by the book: fragrant coconut sorbet with green coriander, passionate lime sorbet with my very own Fiery Chilli Marmalade, and a dark chocolate sorbet with coffee and cinnamon.

Angelato, 2 branches in Prague at Rytířská and Újezd