There was a packet of sticky rice in my pantry that I bought ages ago at the Asian market. I also had some left-over dates. Half a beetroot was rolling around in the fridge, and some unfinished coconut milk. And all of it just clamoured to be combined. So I added some more colour to an already sunny morning with this warm rice pudding that tasted quite out of this world.


Sticky Rice with Beetroot, Dates, and Cardamom


serves 2
Preparation 30 min.

100g sticky rice (it looks like sushi rice and can be purchased from Asian markets, but feel free to experiment with other kinds of rice, as well)
75g peeled and finely grated fresh beetroot
5 dates
1 tbsp cane sugar
5 cardamom pods
big pinch salt
2 tbsp coconut milk


Place the beetroot in some water in a pot along with the salt and sugar. Bring the water to boil, then add the rice, the cardamom seeds crushed in a mortar, and the pitted and chopped dates.

Cook for 25 minutes on low heat. Check that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot towards the end by scraping it lightly with a fork. But don’t stir!

Tip: Serve warm in a bowl, optionally topped with a spoonful of coconut milk.