Alright, so it’s a perversion. I like to buy things that not only function well, but look the part, too. I remember once deciding to buy a kitchen mixer that would manage all the functions of various nut grinders, meat mincers, and poppy mills.

For a long time, I didn’t like anything that I saw. All the mixer were so industrially cold. Until one day… One day, while watching a Nigella Lawson video, I saw a mixer that so intrigued me that I had to rewind the video again and again in order to decipher its brand name. KitchenAid, oh yes. It’s the oldest and heaviest kitchen gadget that I’ve purchased. And you know what distinguishes it from a mere machine? That you want to pet it. Back when I was buying mine, it wasn’t on display in the windows of fine kitchen equipment shops, and there weren’t that many colours to choose from. Red was a sure bet. I also called it Red Partisan for a time. I purchased several attachments to go with it, as well, although the ones I use most are the pasta attachment and the shredder. Nevertheless, I still have to use an old-school manual grinder to mill poppy seeds, as the American manufacturer of KitchenAid doesn’t seem to be into this traditional Czech ingredient so much.

Among my other kitchen veterans are my Epicurean cutting boards. Perhaps you’ve already tried all kinds of plastic and wooden ones, which become warped over time and absorb smells. Although I wasn’t too pleased with Epicurean’s hues, I was very impressed by their properties. And, surprisingly enough, the colour gained character over time and I quite like it now. There’s an array of varieties to choose from, including dark boards. And what’s more, they’re all environmentally friendly!

If you’d ask me which kitchen gadget I most frequently changed, it would definitely be the scales. I’ve ruined practically every brand of digital scales. Soehnle, Sencor, and Tefal. They could be stored upright so that they didn’t take up room, they showed me as little as 2g of weight, but after a time they started acting up and displayed nonsense, or stopped working altogether (no, I didn’t forget to change the batteries). I remembered the kitchen scales from my childhood, where I’d have to move the weight for so long until the arrows would be aligned. Surely, scales like that couldn’t be broken. And so a retro decision followed, in the form of retro Bloomingville scales. So far, they’re holding up, but I haven’t had them for that long and I already know that I’d opt for a bigger bowl, so I’ll probably choose Wesco next time.

I found a sturdy mortar at an Asian stall at Nachmarkt in Vienna and hauled it home, where it replaced my old copper mortar. It’s 12cm in diameter, but I’d get an even bigger one today. Those porcelain toys that I see sometimes, I have no idea how they can be of any use. I also wouldn’t get a wooden mortar. This thing needs to be robust and heavy, so that it can stand and not budge while you work the pestle. I use it to grind spices and to make guacamole.

When I saw Wüsthof knives with ivory coloured handles from the Classic Ikon Creme line, I sighed with pleasure. “Finally, knives for a woman!” They’re beautiful as well as sharp. I own a small one for vegetables, a serrated one for bread, and a santoku.

Back in the day when I had to pack up half my kitchen and transport everything to the studio for a photoshoot, Tupperware came in extremely handy. No matter how it rolls around in your bag, nothing will ever spill. Moreover, they hold a certificate of conformity to health and safety requirements. I’ve had to reserve an entire drawer for Tupperware, that’s how many products I’ve accumulated over the years. They’re great for making bread starters, as the lid simply gives a little “fart”, announcing that the starter is ready. The only disadvantage is that you can’t just pop to the supermarket to get one (they’re only sold by dealers in person) and that you can’t use them to heat your lunch in the microwave, as it ruins the lid. I also love using the Tupperware peeler.

It took me a long time to find the right spice containers, too. I wanted small ones, because I’d rather renew my stock every year than to have old and flavourless spices for decades. I wanted something opaque, so that the contents wouldn’t fade, and of course, something chic. I got inspiration from a German blogger and purchased aluminium containers from Germany, which arrived the next day. I had the labels printed on self-adhesive paper and cut them to size. They’re very handy and are just right for the 15-20g spices from my favourite spice dealer, Antonín.

Whoever held my Microplane grater and used it to make lemon zest or grate ginger, immediately purchased it. I used to buy it abroad when it was still unavailable in the Czech Republic. Tescoma copied it, but you know how it is when two companies make the same product. Also, the story of how Microplane started making kitchen equipment is charming. Originally, they only made equipment for carpenters. Until one cook, who was desperate with her own impossible grater, reached for her husband’s jack-plane, and lo and behold, produced beautiful strips of zest! I just love stories like this, when a coincidence gives life to something much bigger.

The Tovolo spatula has a long wooden handle, and you can choose your own beautiful colour for the silicone end. It’s come in handy when stirring jams. It took me ages to find a garlic press, until I purchased one from the German brand WMF, which intrigued me with its beautiful design. I have no idea if they still make the same model, though.

I grind my coffee in a mill with a ceramic heart from the Japanese master, Hario, who also makes the delightful and iconic kettles. My tableware consists of the minimalistic Vivo range from Villeroy & Boch, which is unfortunately no longer manufactured, meaning that I can’t resupply the broken pieces. My cutlery is from Pintinox, an Italian brand, although I’ve lately fallen in love with the black handled cutlery from Cutipol, a Portuguese family firm. I love buying aluminium pots or jars from IB Laursen. Inspiration is everywhere and it’s endless, so my collection is constantly expanding.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All the mentioned items have been purchased!