I was craving curry. Like the one my friend Slávka made for me, with prawns and Brussels sprouts. After procuring the recipe, I wanted to cook it immediately, but I didn’t have any of the curry paste, galangal, or lemongrass that the recipe called for! So I cooked intuitively, feeling my own way along. Cinnamon, turmeric, grated ginger, fish sauce, lime leaves and lime juice took care of the fragrances and the flavours. I added the rest of a pumpkin, some Brussels sprouts, a left-over chicken breast, and the obligatory prawns, which I still had from a recent trip to the Asian market. The resulting meal was quick, satisfying, and lovely to look at. I guess I’ll try the real Brussels sprouts curry next time!


Mild Prawn Curry with Pumpkin and Brussels Sprouts


Serves 3
Preparation 30 min.

200g peeled prawns (I used frozen)
200g Hokkaido pumpkin, seeds removed
100g Brussels sprouts
100g chicken breasts
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp freshly grated ginger
1 tsp turmeric
4 garlic cloves
4 large kaffir leaves (I buy them frozen at the Asian market)
1 tsp dried chilli flakes
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp salt
1 tsp cane sugar
1 tbsp lime juice
200ml coconut milk


Chop the pumpkin into smaller chunks and cook for 10 minutes in water. Add the halved Brussels sprouts and cook another 3 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Heat the coconut oil in a large pan and briefly fry the chicken breast, chopped into bite-sized pieces, along with the sliced garlic cloves and the grated ginger.

Add the cinnamon, turmeric, and chilli. Stir and add the prawns, lime leaves, and fish sauce. Cook briefly, then pour in the coconut milk.

Season with salt and cook, covered, for another 5 minutes.
Add the cooked pumpkin and Brussels sprouts, more salt, and cook for 3 minutes more.

Season with lime juice and remove the lime leaves before serving with rice.