I first tried chocolate pralines from Parisian chocolatier Patrick Roger a few years ago, and it was an unforgettable experience for two reasons. The taste! The packaging! I remember the exquisite praline fillings, and the decadently blue glossy glaze on some of the pralines. I remember the extremely long and narrow luxurious box. (And when I mean extremely long, I mean at least one metre.) I remember the colour combination of the packaging – brown and emerald-turquoise. In short, UNFORGETTABLE, if only because, even though I wasn’t the owner of the long and narrow box, I could nibble from it several times.

Many years have passed and a good, chocolate and design loving soul gifted me with an unforgettably emerald-turquoise bag. The perfectionist Patrick Roger didn’t let me down. The bag, the metal chocolate case which opens like a book, and the single origin chocolate itself – 75% Ghana and 80% Ecuador – were excellent.