A bistro adjoining the Sansho restaurant, both of which belong to the same English owner, chef and butcher Paul Day. A pleasant interior with mostly bar seating, and excellent food. Our starter was served on English china and we were advised to eat it with our hands. The Scotch eggs (soft-boiled eggs coated in minced pork with herbs, fried until crisp) were deliciously juicy and the thin pork crust with chilli melted in my mouth. My beef and bacon pie was excellent both for its filling and its crust (the week before they served it with deer meat) and I even nibbled off of my companion’s plate of curried offal. The only reproof I’d have would concern the desserts. The salted caramel cake was so hard it should have been served with a steak knife, and I’d turn the saltiness down a notch. Naturally, I had to have the iconic Berliner doughnut as well. For me, the slightly crispy sugar coating was too rich and there was way too much vanilla filling. Next time, I’ll stick to the meat, but I’ll definitely return soon!

Maso a kobliha, Petrská 23, Prague