I have a particular taste for spaces. I like details. I love minimalism and vintage. I love places that their owners have poured their heart and soul into. Markéta and Pepa have succeeded in sweeping me off my feet with their flavorful Marináda (which means marinade in English).

A shop and a bistro in one, where you can sit at one of the old wooden tables, snacking on your purchases and admiring the beautifully restored credenzas stacked with goods, or the wooden boxes on the walls, serving as shelves. An old typewriter, a lantern, a bicycle, a trunk, or a vintage radio…

A lot of things contribute to the atmosphere in this place. Everything is flawlessly matched and pampered to perfection. Markéta and Pepa are extremely enthusiastic, choosing their own shop equipment and suppliers.

Marináda, Jiráskova 15, Brno